A one-night video and performance exhibition. (2017 & 2018) 

“This was because with 12 artists’ projections and four performances, almost all available surfaces—the walls, the ceiling, the floor and alcoves throughout the building—were engaged.” - Alicia Inez Guzmán for the Santa Fe Reporter.

No Signal is a collaborative effort that created community among diverse, interdisciplinary artists in Santa Fe, New Mexico. No Signal was first created and curated by artists Yvette Serrano and Treston Chee. Later, bringing local artists as orgainzers for No Signal’s second exhbition. 

Images: No Signal, 2017

Featured Artists: Morgan Barnard, Sara Canales, Brenda Castro, Craig Clark, David Forlano, Conor Flynn, Jason Goodyear, Donovan Gurule, Alison Johnson, Black Snake Killaz, Mara Leader, Benjamin Oliver, Romario Powell, Alxandra Rose, Charlotte Thurman, Shelby Westika

Images: No Signal, 2018

Featured Artists:  Madeline, Morgan Barnard, Jacky Beatrice, Madeline Cacheria, Treston Chee, AJ Goldman, Emmanuel Hernandez, Omar Lazri, Phat Le, Nicholas Quintaro, Alexandra Rose, Omar Serrano, Ricky Sweeting, Charlotte Thurman, RJ Ward

Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico

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